My new Grow Station from PALRAM…#minigreenhousebx

I mentioned in my previous post that I was at war with the destructive fluffy tailed rats, the squirrels. At my whits end on how to keep them away with out trapping or causing them some sort of harm with poisons or chemicals that can harm my plants. I ordered a small grow station/green house from “Palram” that I can close up and keep my plants from getting destroyed by the little critters.

Mini Green

I am excited to get started on putting it together and giving a few of my arrangements and planters a bit of a rest from the constant gauging and up rooting. I also purchased an Automatic Vent Opener for those hot days when venting would be needed. I spent pretty much all winter caring and preparing my plants for the out door season and I refuse to give up on them now. More to come…


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